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Elizabeth's Catering has been Utah's Premier catering company for the past 20 years. No matter what your event, Elizabeth's Custom Catering is your one stop shop for delicious food! We specialize in catering to clients who demand high quality and extraordinary service at a great value. We're based in Salt Lake City, Utah and we work carefully to stay within your budget without sacrificing quality. Our unique catering menus feature International, Regional, and Themed cuisines.


We do over 2000 catering events in Salt Lake City, Utah every year and we have many menus to choose from. Some events that we cater for include:

- Weddings

- Corporate company meetings

- Daily employee meals

- Banquets

- Parties

- Box lunches

- Picnics

- Formal galas


Weddings are among our favorite events as caterers and we have been fortunate to cater for over 1000 successful weddings in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you want your special day to be absolutely perfect, think Elizabeth's Catering! Our Weddings tab will provide all the information you need to make your wedding day fabulous. We will also assist you in other wedding planning services, including floral, music, venues, and any other details. Email sales@elizabethscatering.com for more information or to start planning your special day!

Elizabeth's Catering also have connections to amazing venues in Salt lake City, Utah. No matter what type of event you're planning, from a corporate meeting, wedding reception, formal gala, or anything in between, we can provide sophistacted venue space to serve any event. Click the Venues link to view all the magnificent venues to choose from in the Salt lake City, Utah area. We are pleased to offer UtahVenues.com, Utah's Premier Venue Directory!

Elizabeth's Catering are Utah caterers that you can trust. When it comes to catering your next special Salt Lake City event, choose Elizabeth's Catering to serve you and your big party!

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Have you ever considered an Employee Meal Program?

Elizabeth's Catering is now serving healthy daily employee meals.

Why does this matter and what's in it for your company?

Here are a few things you might want to consider for your company

10 Reasons to supply daily employee meals


 1. If the Employees are eating healthier, they feel better and have fewer sick days.

2. Employee retention is higher resulting in less turn around/training costs.

 3. Employee moral goes up resulting in higher productivity.

 4. The Employees are not thinking about where they are going to get lunch, how they are going to commute and get back to work in time. Employees are able to have better focus on the task at hand, which results in higher quality of work.

 5. When companies show that they care about their employees, the employees have a tendency to take better care of the company’s interests.

 6. If you can get just 15-20 more minutes of productivity out of an employee per day by providing lunch, then you will actually see a savings to your bottom line.

 7. By providing a more desirable working atmosphere, you will have an advantage when trying to lure top level employees.

 8. Most of the top rated companies to work for in the nation provide lunches for there employees.

 9. Happy employees=better workers. 

 10. Many companies in throughout the country have started to offer this service and they could be recruiting your employees right now.
But you can offer this service now and don't need a fancy cafeteria or sacrifice office space on an expensive remodel. We can prepare the food in our facility and bring it to you ready to go.


Elizabeth's Custom Catering is the only catering company in Utah that's Gephardt Approved

Richard's Roundup is the Barbecue (BBQ) Catering Division of Elizabeth's Catering.
We specialize in Large Corporate Functions including Company Picnics, Family Reunions,
Special Events and more. We've won many awards for both our smoked meats and sauces.
Whether your group is 100 or 5,000 guests, we have the expertise to ensure your events success.

We would love the opportunity to help you plan your next event.